Wecon PLC Programming Guide

If you have heard of the wecon plc. This is a basic guide on how you can program the wecon plc. Here is a few of the plc commands you can use in your ladder programs. Some of these include open and closed contacts, rising and falling edges and all of those commands.

Open Contact PLC Programming

Using F5 on the keyboard you can add a open contact in your plc program. This command is denoted by to solid vertical lines with just a normal space in the middle. If you would like to use the shorthand command you can use the LD command followed by the contact or memory register you would like to assign to this contact.

The open contact is usually used to denote a open switch in a system or within the plc itself. You can use it to control a physical button with it’s input and create a simple switch mechanism in your plc program.

Normally closed contact PLC Programming

If you wish to have a closed switch or a normally closed contact you can use the symbol denoted as two vertical lines with a diagonal line in the middle. If you want to use the shorthand command you can make use of the LDI command and turn your ladder segment into a normally closed switch. This is useful for if you want something to be initially on in the plc program. This can be useful to control relays of all sorts.

Coil output PLC Programming

You can turn on coils within the plc which is essentially just outputs. The symbol which denotes this is a circular diagram which doesn’t have a closed loop. You can use this for turning on outputs in your wecon plc. This is basically for turning on bits within the plc which can be used for more complex logic later on in your program.

Reverse operation PLC Programming

If you want to reverse any logic this command becomes very useful. You can simply just reverse any logic to make your program do the complete opposite to what it is built for. This is denoted by a diagonal line in the rung of the program.

If you want to learn more about plc programming you can visit the plc programming website. Where they provide training on wecon plc as well as help clients with plc programming projects.

There are about 30 more commands which you can use in your plc programming. The best way to start learning is to use a company which provides hands on training.