Website Design, Development, Programming, SEO, Internet Marketing These are our Services

Site designs focuses on many of the top skills required to make it out there in the vast competitive nature of the market on the web. With the development of the internet the market has become enormously saturated and you need the top skills and minds to make your website work. Even though this competitive curve is a steep one it is however a very fruitful market. The internet is one of the most convenient and largest markets in the world. People can literally use it from the comfort of their own home.

Myths about web designers and web developers
It is common to hear about unsuccessful website campaigns and if you have had one of these you were most likely not advised by your web designer in the correct way.
Many people are under the influence of a common disbelief that a website cannot help their business. However it has been proven time and time again that an effective marketing strategy must be adopted whether you use pamphlets, signs or any other form of advertising.

The strategy we adopt is SEO also known as Search Engine Optimization. Without this one should rather throw in the towel now with their website.

Advantages of websites
- Websites can show off your product in it's entirety, with use of photos and descriptive sentences.
- Websites stay online so customers can always refer back to it unlike conventional pamphlets which people may lose.
- With the right SEO in place a website can generate more income as the people searching the search engines for your product initially has an interest in your product as where pamphlets are given out in the masses but only a portion of the people who receive one will be interested in your product.
- The internet is growing bigger and bigger every day, thus the market reach is growing.
- Websites allow you to trade internationally.

Disadvantages of websites

As it is not our intention to deceive people we have added disadvantages as well.

- Websites only pay off once an effective marketing strategy is in place, however this is the same with any other marketing tool.
- Websites have to be hosted, maintained etc and can cost little bit of extra money per month.
- Getting your website just right may take time however same goes for other marketing tools.