Company Websites

We provide company website solutions to fit your needs no matter how small nor big your company is as well as the content you would like to have on your website.

Targeted Advertising

We use tools such as Yahoo, Google, MSN, Facebook and others to get in targeted visitors to your site. Targeted as per say would be users searching for your products therefore they will have a interest in your products when they initially visit your site.


We provide a multitude of hosting packages which you can choose from to host anything from email to websites to more advanced systems.

ADSL and Internet

We can provide internet access to your home or your business.

IP PBX (Telephone Systems) 

In the telephony sector we can save you up to 30% on your phone bill and a multituide of other costs using our dynamic telephone management system. Features of this system include: 

- Call recordings
- Forwarding
- Premi cell
- Voicemail
- Custom extensions for every employee.
- PVR welcome messages, music on your phones for clients etc.


Custom System Design

We do custom system designs which will be developed according to your business model and structure.